I gave up drinking a YEAR ago today. It’s hard to believe I’ve been sober for a year. It’s been a year full of crazy ups and downs, two moves, a major career change, the sale of my beach house, new amazing friendships, and the continuation of a global pandemic. Yet along the way, I’ve […]

Almost exactly a year ago (Feb 12th, 2021 to be exact), I quit my 20-year corporate career. 🚫 I had no plan 🚫 I felt lost and terrified 🚫 I just knew that I was over the corporate world It’s amazing to reflect, how one year later… ✅ I’m a certified life coach ✅ I’m […]

I used to be ruled by FOMO (fear of missing out). It drove everything I did. I was the first to arrive at a party, and the last to leave. I would avoid saying no to events, for fear of missing the fun. I would take it personally if I wasn’t invited, as if I […]

A week from today, I move back into my condo on 17th Street. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. I can’t believe how much I miss that place! Why did I move out? I’ve posted before about changing external circumstances to make yourself happy. That’s why. When the pandemic first hit,⛔ I was […]

I recently listened to a podcast* that totally rocked my world. It put a new perspective on my drinking and over-eating.

The podcast talked about the difference between JOY and PLEASURE.

I hadn’t. I just learned the term, which is kinda ironic, since I just posted about my new found sobriety from alcohol. However, it’s SO appropriate for what I’m going through. It talks about the negative and self-doubting feelings you have AFTER you get vulnerable with a large group of people. I’m truly BLOWN away […]

I’m in Alcoholics Anonymous, and I’ve been sober for 5 months. There I said it. I’ve been anxious to announce it on Facebook. Have my FB posts been too serious lately? Am I posting too much? Am I mixing messages posting about the JDRF Ride and my T1D business? Will people judge me for being […]