How soon do you want to be happy? Something clicked inside of me when I heard that question. I couldn’t put my happiness on a shelf any longer. 🙌🏻 How soon did I want to be happy? The answer was yesterday. I was miserable at work, feeling stuck in my life, and I desperately wanted […]

Growing up, I thought NOTHING would cure my suffering, except a cure itself. Boy was I wrong. When I first started working with my life coach, it was because I was dissatisfied with my job. Why would I go for T1D suffering? In my mind, there was no solution for that. I mean there was, […]

Growing up, I always wondered why other people with T1D seemed so FINE. Why didn’t they struggle the way I did? Why aren’t they as angry as I am? Why are they so well adjusted? What’s wrong with me? I would then get mad at them for being so darn OK, while simultaneously beating myself […]

Almost exactly a year ago (Feb 12th, 2021 to be exact), I quit my 20-year corporate career. 🚫 I had no plan 🚫 I felt lost and terrified 🚫 I just knew that I was over the corporate world It’s amazing to reflect, how one year later… ✅ I’m a certified life coach ✅ I’m […]

I couldn’t sleep last night. My mind was racing with items from my To-Do list. When that happens, I often think about what I’m grateful for. -My mom… check -My life coach Michelle… check And then out of nowhere My diabetes WHAT. Yes, I said it. Then I thought about it. Of course, I am. […]

⛔ Diabetes can’t make you mad⛔ Diabetes can’t make you overwhelmed⛔ Diabetes can’t make you frustrated 🙌 It’s your thoughts ABOUT Diabetes that makes you mad, overwhelmed, and frustrated Growing up, I used to get so mad at Diabetes for all the things I wasn’t “allowed” to eat. Leave me on a deserted island with […]

Your past no longer exists. The only way it exists is in your thought about it NOW. Ever told a story that seems to change over time? Or notice that each member of your family tells a different variation of the same story? That’s because it’s in the past and ONLY exists in your minds. […]

The other day, as I was packing for my move, my blood sugar got really low. I forced myself to take a break and wait for my sugars to return to normal. As I’m lying on my couch, my first thought was “I hate this feeling”. Which made me feel worse. I started thinking about […]

I recently listened to a podcast* that totally rocked my world. It put a new perspective on my drinking and over-eating.

The podcast talked about the difference between JOY and PLEASURE.