I help adults with T1D stop struggling.

And start living.

I’ll show you how to live an amazing life with T1D.


It is  possible. And it starts today.

Who is coaching for?

You're an adult with T1D (18+ years old).

You feel scared, frustrated, overwhelmed, hopeless, burnt-out, or stuck.

You're living on high alert, always waiting for something bad to happen.

You're sick of T1D impacting every aspect of your life.

You want to feel better, but you just don't know how.

You're tired of thinking about T1D all the time and you're ready to live your life to the fullest.

let's get started

Just imagine..

Feeling less frustrated, overwhelmed, detached, hopeless, and stuck, and more hopeful, happy and calm.

Making T1D decisions with a clear mind and a lot less fear.

Going after what you want in life, instead of what you "should" or "have" to do.

Reducing how much you think about T1D, so you can focus on other things in your life.

Not letting T1D run your life. 

Living an amazing life of your choosing. 

I'm ready

How will you get there?

Apply the solution

Learn and apply solution based tools applicable to T1D and all areas of your life. Feel better, clear your mind, and focus more calmly on anything you want in your life. 


Step 3

Work with me, and I will guide you to an Amazing Life with T1D using a three-step process.

Discover the cause of your feelings

We'll discover the cause of your feelings. Circumstances never cause stress. It’s your own thoughts that do. We’ll pause and find out exactly what those thoughts are.


Step 1

Learn to accept T1D

When you wish away T1D, you're fighting a reality you can't change. In essence, you're blocking your own happiness. I’ll guide you through to acceptance, a crucial step in ensuring lasting change.


Step 2

What will it cost and what's included?

My private, 12 week coaching program is an investment of $2,000 and includes:


12 weeks of private 1 hour coaching calls over Zoom.

A comprehensive set of skills and tools applicable to T1D and all areas of your life.

After-hours support for morale boosts and help needed to manage negative thinking around T1D.

Cognitive behavioral techniques to manage negative thinking and help you change your mindset around T1D.

Take home worksheets and exercises specific to you, to help you transform into the best version of yourself to live an amazing life with T1D.

client Love

darin m:

After every session with Lauren, I felt joyful, amazing, confident, and capable.  I credit life coaching with helping me make major shifts in my life I didn’t think I could do - like buying a house! I was surprised at how fast and result-oriented coaching is. 

I recommend Lauren and her life coaching to everyone. Lauren is meant to do this, possessing a wealth of life experience, knowledge, and intelligence. Working with her, it all just came together.

Lisa B:

I had no idea how badly I needed a Life Coach. I didn't even know what a Life Coach was until I started! In just a few sessions, Lauren has helped me to completely change the way I think. I truly feel a burden lifted. Lauren's approach is refreshingly honest, accessible, practical, and transformative. With Lauren as my Life Coach, I finally feel that I can balance my thoughts and regain perspective.

Maddy U:

Life-coaching with Lauren has drastically turned my mental health around for the better. After each session I feel that I have freshly organized my thoughts and feelings that arise in my everyday life and she has helped me with my anxiety and depression not just surrounding Type one, but with multiple factors in my life. Starting sessions with Lauren was the help I needed to stop the negative thoughts from controlling my life.

myles t:

I was burdened by anxious and depressive thoughts when I began my coaching sessions with Lauren. Over the course of our time together, she has helped me identify some of the thought processes that led me to those emotions and helped me to create soothing thoughts to stop comparing myself to others. I’ve raised my self awareness and can see myself returning to life coaching in the future.

Bonnie E:

In just a couple of sessions, Lauren has helped me shift my perspective of life experiences and expectations. Her compassion and guidance have made me think more about what my inner voice is saying and how I might want to change the conversation to be kinder and more caring with myself. After each session, Lauren has provided me with specific actions I can take to become more aware and empowered. She is making a big difference in my life, and I truly enjoy our time together!

Jill R:

Lauren is an amazing coach. She dove deep into the root of the issues I brought her and truly helped me understand what was going on in my mind and how I was creating what I was. She never judged just guided me to clarity.

I’ll show you how to feel better and live an amazing life with T1D. It is possible. And it starts today.

Ready to get started?