My long-time friend & life coach has always called me a “woman of action”. I’m a DO-er. If I want something done, I just DO it. It serves me well in many facets of my life. However, I’ve recently realized that it sometimes can be to my detriment. When you over-action — you’re putting a […]

The other day, as I was packing for my move, my blood sugar got really low. I forced myself to take a break and wait for my sugars to return to normal. As I’m lying on my couch, my first thought was “I hate this feeling”. Which made me feel worse. I started thinking about […]

A week from today, I move back into my condo on 17th Street. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. I can’t believe how much I miss that place! Why did I move out? I’ve posted before about changing external circumstances to make yourself happy. That’s why. When the pandemic first hit,⛔ I was […]

I recently listened to a podcast* that totally rocked my world. It put a new perspective on my drinking and over-eating.

The podcast talked about the difference between JOY and PLEASURE.

I survived my MRI!! (Per my previous post). It actually wasn’t NEARLY as bad as expected, or as bad as the MRI with my head exposed. There were several reasons for this, but first and foremost: It was because of the power and control I felt knowing that my thoughts create my feelings. I was […]

I’m getting an MRI on my shoulder next Tuesday, and I’m terrified. The last time I got an MRI, it wasn’t even a full-body one, and I thought I was going to have a panic attack. I didn’t like knowing that I was left alone, unable to move, the beeping freaked me out, my insulin […]

A thought repeated over and over becomes a belief. I’ve seen my clients create beliefs about themselves that are so engrained, they think they’re reporting the news.

When I was a kid, “carb counting” didn’t exist. I was put on something called the “exchange diet”. At every meal, I was assigned a certain number of carbs, milks, meats, proteins, and fruits (i.e. breakfast would be 1 carb, 1 milk and 1/2 a fruit, lunch would be 2 carbs, 1 milk, 2 proteins, […]

I hadn’t. I just learned the term, which is kinda ironic, since I just posted about my new found sobriety from alcohol. However, it’s SO appropriate for what I’m going through. It talks about the negative and self-doubting feelings you have AFTER you get vulnerable with a large group of people. I’m truly BLOWN away […]