I gave up drinking a YEAR ago today. It’s hard to believe I’ve been sober for a year. It’s been a year full of crazy ups and downs, two moves, a major career change, the sale of my beach house, new amazing friendships, and the continuation of a global pandemic. Yet along the way, I’ve […]

Growing up, I always wondered why other people with T1D seemed so FINE. Why didn’t they struggle the way I did? Why aren’t they as angry as I am? Why are they so well adjusted? What’s wrong with me? I would then get mad at them for being so darn OK, while simultaneously beating myself […]

I teach my clients to be kind to themselves. I show them how to be aware of their thoughts, and to do so as a “compassionate observer”. But what does that really mean? If you’ve ever… 🔹Felt guilty for feeling a feeling 🔹Shamed yourself for just a thought 🔹Held yourself to a much higher standard […]

Almost exactly a year ago (Feb 12th, 2021 to be exact), I quit my 20-year corporate career. 🚫 I had no plan 🚫 I felt lost and terrified 🚫 I just knew that I was over the corporate world It’s amazing to reflect, how one year later… ✅ I’m a certified life coach ✅ I’m […]

I couldn’t sleep last night. My mind was racing with items from my To-Do list. When that happens, I often think about what I’m grateful for. -My mom… check -My life coach Michelle… check And then out of nowhere My diabetes WHAT. Yes, I said it. Then I thought about it. Of course, I am. […]

⛔ Diabetes can’t make you mad⛔ Diabetes can’t make you overwhelmed⛔ Diabetes can’t make you frustrated 🙌 It’s your thoughts ABOUT Diabetes that makes you mad, overwhelmed, and frustrated Growing up, I used to get so mad at Diabetes for all the things I wasn’t “allowed” to eat. Leave me on a deserted island with […]

Happy new year everyone! I took the last two weeks of December completely off. I spent two weeks binging tv, eating fun snacks, not exercising, and engaging in pure GUILTLESS bliss and relaxation! 🙌 Guilt-LESS: Free from feelings of guilt This was unimaginable a few years ago when I first started working with my amazing […]

I’m TIRED. It’s been an exhausting year. I’ve also been having a hard time motivating lately. My blogs are getting harder to write, I keep comparing myself to what other life coaches are doing, and I end up not writing anything at all. It looks like this: ◾ “She sends an email twice a week, […]

I used to be ruled by FOMO (fear of missing out). It drove everything I did. I was the first to arrive at a party, and the last to leave. I would avoid saying no to events, for fear of missing the fun. I would take it personally if I wasn’t invited, as if I […]